WLS radio channel was the first in the nation to reach the entire Midwest— the "farm belt" and it became critical in getting news out to farmers who needed to know what the weather was going to be like next week, what the commodity prices were, and how to get their cattle to the slaughter houses on time.

Every Sunday, he would start his broadcast with a Dinner Grace and these prayers were captured in a little book, with 52 Sunday Graces, called "The Farmer Gives Thanks."


God gave the farmer dominion over every herb, every tree yielding seed, and over every thing that moved upon the earth. That dominion is still the farmer's duty, and his discipline too. It makes him, here on earth, a working partner with his Father in heaven. Instinctively the farmer believes; naturally he worships; and gentleman that he is-with plants and animals and children-he gives thanks, silently, or in slow, earnest words, to his gracious Landlord in the sky.


Please accept this as my personal gift in thanks for everything (time, talent and treasures) given Families Forward Philly in this past year and over the years. I am lucky to be able to see our community grow when adding each of our new friends.


Gloria Guard, president, Families Forward Philadelphia, gguard@familiesforwardphilly.org

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