*UPDATE* It's Day 2 since this item was posted, and whaddya know? A couple of maintenance workers were busy Thursday morning outside the State Office Building - one sweeping up litter, the other trimming overgrown weeds around the plaza. We'll see whether this really means the commonwealth has decided to look after its property better. Will the crews return? Because the trouble with litter is that it keeps coming back.

Maybe the State Office Building at Broad and Spring Garden Streets will be a showcase residential development one day, but right now it's fast becoming just another Philly eyesore with its crumbling steps and litter-strewn plaza.

Even though the state is selling the site to developer Bart Blatstein's Tower Investments, there's not much sign that anyone cares about the old city base of operations for Pennsylvania state government.

Other than the skateboarders crashing around the paved portico and granite steps - or the BMX bike riders doing tricks off the plaza benches - passers-by have little reason to linger (once they've deposited their soda can on the crab grass.)

Months ago, state workers apparently vacated the building, decamping for nicer digs downtown at 801 Market Street. The redevelopment by Blatstein has been delayed by one glitch or another. Eventually, he's got grand plans for 204 apartments in the office tower.

Long-term, Blatstein would like to build a two-story, 70,000-square-foot retail building along Broad Street, and a 20-story, 100-home tower across the lot at 15th and Buttonwood Streets.

For now, though, the property unfortunately is just another sore sight for the eyes.