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Flyers insist the season is not over

What else are they supposed to say? The Flyers kept inferring that this season isn't over even though their play suggested otherwise during Thursday's after a dispiriting 4-0 loss to the visiting Vancouver Canucks.

That came on the heels of a Wednesday's 1-0 loss at Washington.

Depending on who was speaking, the Flyers either became deflated after the first goal or the second against Vancouver. Either way, it's not a good sign when both the coach and players admit that the effort was lacking.

And the players asked more questions than gave answers.

"I don't know why we stopped playing," defenseman Mark Streit said. "There's no reason with the team we have.  I don't know. I don't know. I can't, I can't explain it."

Goalie Ray Emery, while down, continued to profess confidence in the team.

"It's not fun, losing more games than you win, but I think we have hope in here, we have drive in here," Emery said.. "We believe in ourselves, but we realize that every game is important."

The Flyers also realize that the effort has to step up and getting down a goal or two is no reason to skate with their collective heads down.

Now the big question – do the players think that the season is over, 11 out of a wild card berth with 37 games left?

"Well it's obvious that we got to be desperate leading up to the break here and leading up to these games," defenseman Nick Schultz said. "It's desperate hockey and from now on in you got to win games and get two points in games or its going to go the other way."

The Flyers understand that there is little margin for error.

"It's a tough situation but… we never give up," Streit said. "It doesn't matter… I think it it's not the best thing to look at the standings now."

Good idea. That would really discourage this bunch.

"We've got to find a way, but we have a great locker room, great atmosphere and fighting guys out there and fighting spirit so we're not… we're not done," Streit said.

That remains to be seen. That fighting spirit wasn't evident against Vancouver and if it doesn't return soon, the Flyers will be forced to just play out the string.