Is everyone adjusting nicely to the stress of the recession? I think not! They are skipping days at the gym and substituting beer for yoga. (That's because you eat pretzels with beer; with yoga you twist yourself like a pretzel, but you get no beer -- so unfair!).  Yes, we have to take this study, commissioned by Workplace Options, with a huge grain of salt, because it promotes a better work-life balance. Guess what Workplace Option's business is? But, nonetheless, their May survey of 758 Americans conducted by the North Carolina firm of Public Polling Policy indicates that 72 percent of employees find their jobs to be stressful and one in five say they are having difficulties performing work duties because of a general decrease in their health.

They are cutting back on fun and exercising and 37 percent have curtailed "wellness" spending, which equates to gym memberships and yoga classes. At the same time, more of them are drinking or smoking more and eating badly. Nearly 30 percent say they are having trouble sleeping. Is this happening to you?  Does anyone have any solutions that don't cost a million bucks?