Sometimes the job search can be downright hare-raising. Just ask the job candidate who dressed up in a bunny suit because it was Easter. "What's hop-penin' dude? You got any work for me?" After that the interview went rabbitly down hill. OK, I'm going to stop punning now, because I realize these puns aren't very bunny., the online job site, surveyed hiring managers and one in five said they'd seen some pretty unusual tactics by candidates. It's not surprising with the unemployment rate at 9.4 percent.

"The search for employment is taking longer and is more competitive than it has been in past years,"  Jason Ferrara, a senior adviser at CareerBuilder said in a statement. "While unusual job search antics may attract the attention of hiring managers, they need to be done with care and professionalism so that candidates are remembered for the right reasons."

I've copied and pasted some of the most interesting ones below. What's your reaction to this? What have you seen? Let me know.

- Candidate sent a shoe with a resume to "get my foot in the door." Candidate staged a sit-in in the lobby to get a meeting with a director.

- Candidate washed cars in the parking lot.

- Candidate sent a resume wrapped as a present and said his skills were a "gift to the company."

- Candidate handed out resumes at stoplights.

- Candidate sent a cake designed as a business card with the candidate's picture.

- Candidate went to the same barber as the Chairman of the Board and had the barber speak on his behalf.

- Candidate handed out personalized coffee cups.

- Candidate told the receptionist he had an interview with the manager. When he met the manager, he confessed that he was driving by and decided to stop in on a chance.