Karen Huller, a former recruiter who now owns her own consulting firm, asked an interesting question at recent meeting of My Career Transitions, a huge networking group that meets at Villanova University.

She asked how many people in the audience (well over 100) had had the opportunity in their past jobs to interview job candidates. Two-thirds of them raised their hands! That allowed them to give each other extra insight about some of the standard and sometimes annoying questions that hiring managers ask during a job interview.

One question that comes up is "Why should I hire you?" Some people said that they had used the question to allow the job candidate to summarize the entire interview and his qualifications in a quick bullet format.

"I want to hear that the person has thought about it from my business' point of view," another person responded. In other words, how do your qualifications match what is needed for the job.

In the end, she said, every question has at its foundation the idea of mitigating risk and magnifying value. So every answer needs to have that in mind as well.

Huller's firm is called Charesume. Here is her bio.  My Career Transitions meets the second Saturday morning of every month except December and August.