Sorry this is a day late. But yesterday I was chatting it up with a source and they asked me if I watched the People's Choice Awards. I should of, but I hadn't. And they commented on how lovely Queen Latifah looked. I looked,  and to my surprise: Queen Latifah did NOT look lovely. I didn't like any of her picks. First of all the colors were too springy -  especially this blue hombre dress. The silhouettes were dated and  I'm tired of seeing her with her hair in a bun. Not to mention the magenta gown made her look old. The black suit was the most cutting edge, but sneakers, Latifah? Only Ellen DeGeneres can (barely) get away with that. Most of the other guests and honorees were pretty well dressed especially Katy Perry in her poofy skirt cocktail dress. Celebrities opted for lots of sleek off the shoulder pieces with with architectural silhouettes in dark and metallic shades. Fashion is shifting. Seems like everyone else got the memo except the host. There is no excuse for Latifah to have looked so outdated. So what she's plus-sized? That can't be an excuse for ill-fitted, er fated choices anymore. Anybody else thinking what I was thinking? For a complete gallery of People's Choice looks, check out Instyle.