I was watching Comcast's Monday Night Live show last night, and guest

Lito Sheppard

had some interesting things to say. I didn't have the DVR set up at the time, but I caught the comments again this morning and thought I'd share them for anyone who missed it.

Sheppard said he's unhappy about not playing, estimating he's on the field for only about 30 percent of the Eagles' defensive snaps.

"If you say you want to win and do this and do that, then why aren’t all your best players on the field at the same time or when they need to be?" he said.

Host Ron Burke told Sheppard it sounded like the disgruntled cornerback thought he might not be in Philadelphia all season.

"Well I mean obviously the way things are going, it leads me to believe that," Sheppard said. "So until things change otherwise, I mean, I’m not naïve to the situation."

Sheppard said the situation is getting worse, but he also said he's not the type of person to drag his teammates into his own problems. Burke asked him what, if anything, was going on behind-the-scenes with the Eagles.

"They just want this year to go by and it does what it does and then we’ll see how it goes at the end of the season but that’s not satisfying to me," Sheppard said. "I need to be playing and I’m more than able."

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