Our group was very excited that we were making a dessert this week, even one that included carrots!  They were anxious to make the stir fry, as they had never heard of this cooking technique.  Once the tasks were divided, the students worked diligently to get the job done.  As they took turns stirring, we discussed how much healthier this was than deep frying.   Upon tasting their creation, Ijanay Baker exclaimed, "Chicken and broccoli, thumbs up! Quinoa, thumbs down!"  The other students concurred and recommended adding more sauce.  Crystal Dove thought the quinoa looked like fish eggs; they all agreed that they would have preferred brown rice.  Unfortunately, our cake never quite cooked all the way through in the middle before time ran out.  But they enjoyed a small taste and looked forward to serving it next week.

-- Jill Kaiserman, Katie Rhodes