“We are making soup?” Our junior chefs were skeptical and not enthusiastic about this week’s recipe at the beginning of class. But once they got started dicing and chopping, and the fragrance of sauted vegetables, garlic, cumin and chili powder began to emanate from the stovetop, excitement began to grow with their appetites. “That smells so good!”said Ignacio Garcia, taking a turn to sauté the mixture before the broth and tomatoes got added.  While the soup cooked, Ahz’mirah Polanco and Kealah Glover got busy cutting the tortillas into tidy triangles and toasting them in the oven and McKhai Delts shredded the chicken. We slid the finished chips into a brown paper bag to pass around the table with the soup. “This soup is scrumptious!” declared McKhai. No one disagreed!