It was going to be a hard sell.   We were reading the ingredient list for Cauliflower Fried Rice and Chrismeilin asked where the rice was listed.   I said the cauliflower was going to substitute for the rice once we grated it and stir fried it with the veggies. She didn't have a good feeling about grated cauliflower taking the place of rice.   Kayla was also skeptical.  Both students eat rice frequently in their traditional cooking.  We set about preparing our meal.  Once the ingredients for the stir fry were in the pan, both students agreed that it looked like a real stir fry with rice.  Taste was another matter.   The students were not persuaded to substitute cauliflower for rice in the future although they did enjoy the challenge of trying something new.  The cucumber salad was a big hit.  All agreed that it was very flavorful.