The challenge of cooking a meal and dessert in our after school time frame was easily solved by dividing our Urban Promise junior chefs into teams: Sauce, Chicken and Veggies, and Carrot Cake. We got down to business chopping the vegetables including onions and red peppers we added for color and flavor, trimming the chicken of any fat and cutting it into strips, and grating lots and lots of carrots. We rotated the teams every 20 minutes and everyone had the chance to staff the stir fry pan.  "This is starting to smell really good!" said A'layvia Green, prompting a discussion on everyone's favorite Chinese takeout meal.

We baked the carrot cake batter in a cupcake pan to shorten the cooking time.  Malaysia Williams got to sift the powdered sugar on the cupcakes; "That was the best job ever," she said. Each girl took an extra cupcake home. Our junior chefs picked this menu—a close win over the fish tacos—to prepare for our last class and their invited guests.