At the recipe reading, India McCleod asked, "Is this fried chicken?" Good question, but no. It's Chinese ​"stir" fry, not fried like you might be​ thinking. It's healthier.

​We discussed what types of sauces there are, and how sauce happens. One way is that many vegetables shrink when heated,​ and the liquid that evaporates out of the vegetable helps to ​make a sauce. Adding cornstarch, as in this recipe, makes ​a sauce thick. Jazelle Minor ​thought about this and ​said: "Cooking is like science​!​"

​Later, when we mixed together the thickening agent, ​Radiant Magnetic exclaimed: "​The cornstarch thing looks like milk." Everyone watched and waited with anticipation while the sauce thickened.

Nylah Williams, in her journal, loved this week's dish. She gave it a 10 out of 10.

-- Lisa Krader, Debbie Skolnick