The session started with us talking about stuffed peppers.  Hafsa McNeely said her mom makes them at home for their family.  Lee'Asia Ortiz said that she wouldn't like the turkey because turkey is dry.  The cutting and chopping started and was going faster now that the girls were more comfortable with using a knife.  Everyone was amazed to see the turkey ground up looking like "wavy hair" and they all took turns stirring the meat as it browned.  Everyone was a bit skeptical about the black beans and we talked about how beans add texture and protein and fiber but don't have a strong flavor.  Leylah Robinson put it to the test by closing her eyes and picking pieces off her plate to see if she could tell if she was eating a piece of meat or a bean.  We also had carrot sticks which everyone was convinced they would not eat without ranch dressing.  The empty bowl proved them wrong.