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Learning the building blocks of soup

We started the class talking about soup and what kinds of soup the girls have had before.   Of course chicken noodle was mentioned as well as the ramen noodle soup, but no one had ever had lentil soup before.  We mentioned that all soups start with a similar base of broth or stock and then you can be creative from there.  Lee'Asia Ortiz finally chopped her first onion, with minimal tears.  They all took turns sautéing the vegetables and stirring the soup as it simmered.   The girls liked all the ingredients in the salad and Lee'Asia Ortiz really took a liking to the plain yogurt we used for the dressing, even dipping the apples in it as we were chopping.   Hafsa McNeely finished all of her soup and Calisia Lerma wanted to take some home.  Ciara Rivera wasn't a huge fan but said she would take some home for her sister to try.