The students of Cristo Rey High School not only enjoyed preparing soup and salad, they even thought it was so good, that it came from a restaurant! "It's a salad so you don't expect it to be sweet" said Destini Stanton, a returning student to My Daughter's Kitchen. Jakya Barnhill  never had walnuts in a salad and said she would make it with fresh spinach next time.  Mahdiya Payton thought the salad tastes "so healthy and crisp".  Decharn Thomas thought the addition of fruit to a salad "is wonderful and gives it a lot of flavor."  We all agreed that salad with fresh apples and nuts was delicious!

We all were so excited to finally taste the Lentil soup especially since the aromas of the mirepoix, a new term for the students, permeated throughout the kitchen.  We actually took the rind from the cheese and added it to the soup for extra flavor.  A little crushed red pepper was also included to give even more flavor.

All in all, a great "restaurant-quality" meal as was said by each student; one they would definitely make at home.

Lauren Molish & Michele Taplinger