As the mini-chefs looked at the recipe, they wondered what a stuffed pepper was, how would it look?  Would they look like little green pillows?” asked Fadila Sibay.   The ingredient list was so long!   They quickly realized, organization is the key!  Working quickly and efficiently (as now they know their way around the kitchen), the recipe started to make sense. 

Tiara Harris made the connection that the recipe was like informational text, "You have to keep going back to reread it!"  Paullina Ruiz was busy sampling the raw vegetables, and noticed that, "The cabbage is as big as my head."  Joseph Moll declared, "Hey, that's a simile!"  Finally seated to enjoy the meal, Matthew Scheidler said excitedly, "It looks and smells delicious!"

-- Cindy O'Donnell and Lorrie Craley