As Sandra Shea wrote earlier, the police arbitration decision is big for the other unions -- it's considered the "ceiling" for other contracts. So what do the other unions think of it? We collected their reactions:

Pete Matthews, president of blue collar workers' union District Council 33 seemed happiest with the news, telling It's Our Money, "from what I heard it seems to be a good award for the [Fraternal Order of Police]. So I'm glad for them. I think it's great."

At the same time, he said that because he's "quite sure that the people doing arbitration wouldn't have awarded this if the city didn't have the money," he wants his union to "be treated fairly as well."

Mum was the word from District Council 47, which represents the city's white collar workers. Spokesman Bob Bedard said that his union wouldn't have any comment until after leadership had a chance to pick through the "long, detailed and complicated award."

And International Association of Firefighters Local 22 decided to go the cryptic route.

In a statement, President Bill Gault said the "FOP and its members are heroes in their own right. But, their challenges are very different than our challenges."

"If justice prevailed," he said, "all heroes would be better protected and awarded by those we serve."

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