145 city workers received layoff slips

Link: City to hand out fewer pink slips than expected today [Daily News]

When Nutter first announced his budget cuts on Nov. 6, he said that he expected that 220 full-time jobs would be cut - along with 600 unfilled positions and 2,000 seasonal or part-time jobs.

But only about 145 workers will be getting layoff notices today, said mayoral spokesman Doug Oliver. And about half of those employees will be offered vacant jobs in other departments.

So, at the end of the day, the damage could be well under 100 workers.

"It's good, because we are able to preserve jobs for people and still hit our financial targets," said Budget Director Steve Agostini, who stressed that the city would still achieve the same financial savings. "The number of layoffs where people are actually losing their jobs has shrunk."