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Full-day kindergarten restored, question marks still quite big

Kristen Graham reports that full-day kindergarten is no longer on the school district's considerable chopping block:

Federal Title I dollars will be used to fund the program; a solution that Superintendent Arlene Ackerman said only came together Friday afternoon. She said this was not an option before this week. This is a permanent fix, but will mean that money has to come from other things typically funded by Title I money, which have historically included professional development, summer programs, reduced class size initiatives, etc. No decisions have been made on what to cut.

Kindergarten was the highest-profile of the items on the district's block, but it was not the bulk of the budget gap: The price tag for keeping full-day kindergarten was $24 million, and the district asked the city for between $75 and $110 million. So regardless of what the new cuts are, the revenue measures the mayor and council have talked about to raise money for the schools are presumably still on the table.

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