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Government working, government not working

Yesterday's announcement that an investigation by city Inspector General Amy Kurland has turned up ticket-fixing at the PPA is on the one hand bad news for people invested in responsible governance in Philadelphia (because there was ticket-fixing at the PPA, and it sounds pretty egregious) and on the other hand good news, because hey, it was a government watchdog that found it. Although this sort of thing makes you wonder if all is really well now:

[Clorise Wynn, who is accused of fixing tickets for her daughter] had directed the BAA's activities since 2003, when its former director, Joseph F. Hoffman Jr., was replaced after the FBI caught him on videotape accepting cash bribes from the owner of a taxi fleet who wanted deep discounts on his parking tickets. Statistics showed that Hoffman had personally thrown out 126,000 parking tickets over a six-year period.

Wynn is not accused of taking cash bribes, but her immediate predecessor got in trouble for ticket fixing. One would have hoped this would have been enough to discourage her from the ticket fixing of which she now stands accused. We suppose we'll have to wait and see if the allegations stand, and what sort of punishments are meted out.

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