So says the DN to the BRT in an editorial today.

By all accounts, the Board of Revision of Taxes has been a mismanaged, corrupt and inefficient assessor and collector of property taxes. And yet the board refuses to accept the reforms necessary to insure that taxes are fair for all.

For example, when Council drafted a referendum to dissolve the agency, the BRT fought it in state Supreme Court, unsuccessfully. In April, the board refused to renew a memo of understanding giving the city authority over part of the agency.

Last week seemed to finally end the saga, when voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure to dissolve the BRT. Then board member Russell Nigro said that he's considering filing another challenge in the courts, claiming that the city doesn't have legal standing to act.

On one hand, this should come as no surprise, since the BRT has shown little but contempt for the city's taxpayers for years. On the other, the arrogance that the board displays by dismissing voters' clear choice at the polls is outrageous. We're losing patience with the BRT's cockroach-like refusal to die. The agency should muster the last shred of grace it can, and just go away.

Once the BRT finally does go away, the key for the city will be to develop a more reliable system for assessments, so that in ten years we aren't talking about how we really need a tax-assessment board that's outside of the mayor's jurisdiction, because that system is too political...

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