Thought it would be interesting to follow up on Steve Wray's "Close the Deficit" entry, which includes a suggestion that Philadelphia require employee furloughs, with a link to this piece in Governing. It's an interview with California's CIO about how she and her staff are adapting (and not adapting) to the state's decision to force them to take three Fridays off each month.

These things are not without consequences:

In my particular area, an example would be that we still have major IT projects that we have to be working on—that we have to get implemented—and those are actually exacerbated by the fact that in many cases we have actually contracted with external resources, and now of course we're still trying to make those timelines with working three fewer days in the month. So that causes a significant amount of stress in being able to still get the projects done. And we're still trying to get the projects done while keeping the day-to-day going. And we're still trying to keep the tech running. And trying to do all of that, as well as taking the furlough days, is really challenging.

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