As we've discussed before, Pennsylvania is out to scare people into paying their back taxes with a series of Big Brother-ish TV and radio spots. Well, Gov. Ed Rendell also is working to get scofflaws to pay up, though his approach doesn't involve spy satellites:

Come June 18 - the end of the Commonwealth's tax amnesty program - Rendell says the state will post the names of individual tax evaders.

We're interested to see who shows up on the list, especially given that the program was plagued with errors from the start, including people who didn't owe anything getting notices.

That's not all:

The state is also going after corporate officers of companies that owe the state. The officers will now face tax liens if their companies don't settle their bills.

With nine days left in the amnesty, the state has collected $103 million in back taxes, about $90 million short of Rendell's goal.

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