Mayor Nutter received recommendations yesterday from his task force on ethics and campaign finance. The Inquirer has a write-up of the report's major points, and over in the DN, Dave Davies hammers away at Nutter to address one key recommendation -- applying contribution limits to campaign cycles rather than individual years (Nutter made no commitments at a press conference yesterday).

For now, though, let's do the math on two key pieces of the Inquirer story:

1) "Some of the suggested changes can be executed by Nutter himself; others need legislative approval by Council."


2) "[Zack] Stalberg expressed concern that no Council members were at the news conference, including Council President Anna C. Verna, who created the task force with the mayor in September 2008. A spokesman for Verna, Anthony Radwanksi, said later that she was not directly invited and, in fact, was still awaiting a copy of the report."



We don't want to jump to any conclusions, so let's just say it would be nice to see more involvement of and enthusiasm from Council on this matter.

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