Had a few questions answered by Temple offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield regarding what the offense might look like and the process of transforming the offense from the ground-and-pound approach of the past to the pro-style offense that the Owls will deploy moving forward.

The most interesting statement was that Satterfield, 37, said the offense, when clicking, should look a whole lot like a certain NFC East foe of the Philadelphia Eagles.

"When it's running smoothly the offense is going to look very, very, very, very much like the New York Giants' offense," Satterfield said. "It will shadow it. When you watch the Giants – and when their offense is rolling – it's balanced and it's fun to watch. That's what we're shooting for here."

That Temple coach Matt Rhule, who spent last season as an assistant coach for the Giants, is bringing to North Broad Street what he learned at the NFL level really isn't a great surprise. Additionally, it also means that there is still going to be a significant amount of running in the Owls' offense.

"We are going to throw the ball more but we're not going to lose our balance," Satterfield said.

Satterfield said that even though the Owls have a new quarterback in junior Connor Reilly, installing the offense, which they got started on as soon as the staff was in place last Dec., has not been too trying an experience.

"The only difficult thing is changing the mentality from what they've been doing the last couple of years," Satterfield said. "But installing the X's and O's has been relatively easy.  You change what you do from a philosophical point and you are going to have some growing pains. We've experienced that. But overall I'd say that the transition has gone smoothly."