The endlessly reportable Jerry Jones spoke more words yesterday, a frequent move for the Cowboys owner whose every statement is deemed eligible for headline news.

This time, he wasn't agreeing that Dez Bryant is as good as Calvin Johnson, or calling Tony Romo the best clutch quarterback in the league. He was taking a stand on that hotly debated topic we're all discussing - Could Deion Sanders stop Calvin Johnson?

Naturally, Jones is a bit upset with Johnson, due to the offensive clinic Megatron ran during Sunday's wonderful 31-30 victory over the - gasp - Cowboys. A lot of that victory was due to the clutchness of this unbelievable catch that probably Dez Bryant would have a hard time matching.

Then he stayed on his feet and gained, like, seven or eight more yards. Dez Bryant, on the other hand.

So it makes sense, then, that Jones has to reach back into the past and dig up a hypothetical match-up to explain how the Cowboys would have won.

Shockingly, the best take on this went to Deion Sanders.

Fans it's not fair to compare Then to Now! I realize it's fun and these kids can play but This Ain't THAT. Truth