Some Cowboys fan who is not a fan of Robert Griffin III decided to let the world know about his opinion in the universally respected medium of a vanity license plate.

@VirginiaDMV @Redskins @dcsportsbog how did this plate make it thru? You know what the F stands for right? #HTTR

Naturally, those in the D.C. area, upon seeing the plate, alerted the authorities, because we live in this hyper-vigilant, "If you see something, say something" culture. And it seems this monster will be brought to justice.

@andy_boothe We'll have this reviewed immediately. Sometimes the system misses certain combos. Thx for the alert! @Redskins @dcsportsbog

This is yet another reminder of how, despite bitter NFC East rivalries, we can all band together - with the help of our state DMVs - to destroy the fun of Cowboys fans, one at a time.