UPDATE: The Phillies have invited actor Bryan Cranston to throw out the first pitch at a game at Citizens Bank Park.

Walter White did have quite the throwing technique.

From earlier: Walter White, the feature character on AMC's critically acclaimed hit Breaking Bad, was almost a Phillies fan.

Thomas Schnauz, one of the writers on the show, tweeted out a photo of Bryan Cranston, the actor who played White, wearing a Phillies jersey during an unused scene from the show's third season.

The reason they chose not to use it? According to Schnauz, the writers "realized that would make him too unlikable."

Check out Schnauz's tweet below:

Unused #BreakingBad scene where Walt became Phillies fan, but we realized that would make him too unlikable. pic.twitter.com/WBf7GS2Nj1

In a reply to a follower that asked why the photo existed, Schnauz said that Cranston was "goofing around" and actually is a Phillies fan.

@briangoff Bryan was goofing around on set of #307 "One Minute" -- he actually is a Phillies fan!

The show ended its five-season run on September 29th.