Here's our weekly look at who the national experts are projecting the Sixers to take in June's draft:

ESPN's Chad Ford updated his mock draft yesterday, and he thinks the Sixers will take Georgia Tech's Derrick Favors over Ohio State's Evan Turner:

I've heard various sources make pretty forceful arguments that three different players are second on the 76ers' board: Evan Turner, DeMarcus Cousins and Derrick Favors. At times, I've been persuaded by all three. But now it looks like the Sixers are leaning toward Favors, according to what I was told on Monday by a credible source familiar with coach Doug Collins' thinking.

Ford also has heard rumblings that the Sixers could be shopping the No. 2 pick along with Elton Brand.

Terry Foster of The Detroit News believes the Pistons could be interested in acquiring Brand from the Sixers:

The 76ers are willing to unload the No. 2 pick in the draft next month along with 6-foot-9 power forward bust Elton Brand. Brand didn't fail in Philadelphia because he's a bad player. He failed because he was in a bad system that exposed his weaknesses. He's not a get-up-the floor player. He's a back-to-the-basket guy who plays with power. Brand could be what the doctor ordered for the Pistons. But Brand will make $15.6 million next season, $17.1 the following year and $18.2 million in 2013. That's a lot of cash, but it would be a bold and daring move. And here's how: Dumars should offer the 76ers the No. 7 pick in the draft, Richard Hamilton and Jason Maxiell for the No. 2 pick and Brand. and DraftExpress also updated their mock drafts yesterday as well. They think Evan Turner will be the pick for the Sixers.

ESPN's David Thorpe thinks the Sixers should take Favors, but believes the best value pick would be Kentucky's DeMarcus Cousins:

Turner might help Philly win more games immediately, but a Sixers team featuring Holiday and Favors will almost assuredly end up with a top-five pick against next season. Much in the way Oklahoma City built its roster with additional lottery picks, I like the way the point guard/post combo sets up Philly's future by grabbing Favors here. Cousins, though, is the top value pick, as the best available player with the brightest upside, if he can be mentored.

AOL Fanhouse's Tom Ziller also thinks the Sixers will take Favors over Turner.

Dime Magazine thinks that the Sixers can begin a new era if they draft Turner:

Meanwhile, it'll be significantly less difficult for the Sixers to part with their ex-icon (Allen Iverson) and embrace the Turner era. With Turner and Jrue Holiday as the backcourt of the future, Andre Iguodala will be under less pressure to do it all and settle into the Scottie Pippen role he was born to play. thinks that Turner should be the pick :

I keep hearing Brandon Roy's name when people are talking about Turner, and perhaps no player is as NBA-ready as the Ohio State product. He should vie for Rookie of the Year in Philly

Sean Deveney of The Sporting News thinks that Turner is too much of a talent to pass up.

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Daniel Abelson is a sophomore at Drexel University and a Sports intern.