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Herndon: I'm fed up with both parties

Although I usually vote Democrat, I think of myself as an Independent, and the political games being played in Washington over the payroll tax hike incense me. I believe Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid when he says he negotiated and struck a deal with Mitch McConnell at the request of House Speaker John Boehner. But once Boehner went to his rank-and-file, he was told in no uncertain terms that the House would not back a two-month extension of the tax cut. Now Boehner, trying not to look like a fool (too late) wants to appoint a committee to negotiate a compromise. Meanwhile, the Democrats are giddy to have a new campaign issue: Republicans protecting the rich. During all this, who suffers? The middle class.

I find it laughable when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor says, "Families, employers, and workers can't live their lives month to month," when in reality most are living week-to-week and have been doing so since President Obama's predecessor was in office.

Republicans have decided the number one priority is ensuring that Barack Obama doesn't win a second term. Democrats seem content to let tax relief expire on December 31st because it gives them ammunition for the coming elections. I just don't see how you can look at this mess and not be fed up with BOTH parties.