The Chester County kennel owner who sold Vice President Joe Biden a dog in Dec. 2008 was found not guilty of dog law violations  - for the third time in 18 months.

The story about the latest charges against Linda Brown, filed by the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement in December 2009, was reported by my colleague Kathleen Brady Shea here.

But that's not the end of the story. Dog wardens have inspected Jolindy's German Shepherd's, also known as Wolf Den kennel, twice this year.

The lengthy inspection reports note dozens of infractions for which Brown is facing administrative fines, the bureau spokesman Justin Fleming said today. Under the 2008 dog law, the bureau has the authority to issue fines of up to $1000 a day for infractions if they are not remedied.

Among the violations in a March 22 inspection at which point there were 98 dogs in the kennel:

Wardens observed housing facilities that had sharp metal, chewed wood, and sharp chewed edgings that could cause injury to the dogs housed in and around the facilities.

Indoor and outdoor housing facilities for dogs shall be maintained in a manner to protect the dogs from injury and to contain the dogs.

Wardens observed strong odors of feces and urine throughout housing facilities located on the kennel premises.

Wardens observed poor lighting within housing facilities which was not sufficient to allow observation of the sanitary condition of the housing facilities located on the kennel premises.

Wardens observed heavily chewed food and water receptacles. Food and water receptacles were also noted to be very dirty and had a hair build up on many receptacles.

Wardens observed large amounts of rodent feces throughout areas of the kennel. Several dead rats were found during the inspection. The exercise pool building had black moldy rafters. The water in the pool was dirty and had a green tint. The bottom of the pool had an accumulation of dirt and debris. Discarded medical waste, such as syringes, and vaccine bottles along with other junk were found in the welping room. Broken sharp siding was noted on areas of kennel where dogs can come into contact with it. Cobwebs, dirt, and debris were also found throughout kennel areas.

[Wardens also noted violations to the commercial kennel provisions of the dog law including inadequate cage sizes, housing for dogs that was outdoors and therefore not temperature controlled, and dogs kept indoors unable to have unfettered access to an exercise area.]

Veterinary examinations were ordered on four dogs; one limping on rear leg, one had sores on her mammary gland, another had an ear infection and the fourth dog was in a kennel where blood was found in feces and on the floor. Read the full inspection reports posted on the New Jersey Consumers Against Pet Shop Abuse website.