The property so long associated with Michael Vick and his bloody dog fighting operation will become a place of hope soon for many more abused animals.
A Pennsylvania-based animal rights group has purchased Vick's former compound, known as Bad Newz kennel, in southern Virginia.
Altoona-based Dogs Deserve Better closed on the $600,000 property on Friday. They plan to use it as a center (called Good Newz,what else?) to rehabilitate and find good homes for dogs who have endured years on chains or have been kept in pens round-the-clock. The group's founder, Tamira Thayne, has been an outspoken advocate for chained dogs in Pennsylvania and led the fight - not yet successful - for the passage of state legislation to ban 24/7 dog chaining.
More from the Associated Press on the Vick property sale here. The video below from last fall is an example of the kind of work Thayne's group does to rescue and care for chained and penned dogs.