The state's second largest city is poised to ban 24/7 dog chaining in severe weather.
Pittsburgh City Council is set to vote on a bill that would make it illegal to leave a dog out for more than half an hour if the temperature falls below 32 degrees or rises above 90 degrees.
The pair of ordinances, sponsored by Councilwoman Darlene Harris, also make it illegal to tether dogs except when necessary for the owner ‘‘to complete a temporary task’’ and specify that the tether must be attached by a ‘‘non-choke type collar’’ attached by ‘‘swivel anchors, latches or similar devices’’ to prevent the dog from becoming tangled.
‘‘It’s very sad when people abuse animals,’’ Harris told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. ‘‘They are here for us to love and take care of.’’
Violators face a $500 fine plus enforcement and shelter costs in the event the dog is confiscated.
The ordinances specify that chains must be no more thna one-eighth of an inch thick and must be at least 10 feet long with access to a shelter. There are additional specifications as to the construction of dog houses and bedding.
If the measure passes, Pittsburgh would join Harrisburg, Hazleton and several York County municipalities with similar bans. Councilman Kenyatta Johnson has introduced a similar bill that is before the Philadelphia City Council.