As pets have become valued members of our families, we think about them endlessly in life.
And we think about them in death. We set up pet trusts and put them in our wills to ensure they are cared for after we go.
And they are now often listed as "survivors" in obituaries. We included my mother's tabby cat, Libby - who posted herself sphinx-like at the foot of her bed in her last days - in her obituary. And, in her death notice, we recalled the array of pets who travelled through her life giving her great joy.
I was drawn to an obituary of Victoria "Vicki" Soto, the 27-year-old teacher who died in a hail of gunfire Friday as she tried to protect her first grade class from the gunman who invaded the Sandy Hook Elementary School.
Soto, who was buried yesterday at a funeral where Paul Simon sung "The Sound of Silence," had a special bond with her black Lab Roxie. This line, in her funeral home obituary, brought me to tears.
Vicki also leaves behind her loving dog Roxie, who waited for her to come home everyday, and is still waiting, lost without her.