What is the difference between getting along with your neighbors and getting annoyed by them? According to a recent study by real estate firm Trulia it comes down to noise and unsightly conditions.

The study found that about 61 percent of Americans are friendly enough with their immediate neighbors that they know their names. The same study also examined trends among generational lines, finding that Millennials are more likely (at 16 percent) than Gen-Xers (10 percent) or Boomers (6 percent) to be "very close" with their neighbors.

In spite of nationally genial relations, Trulia data crunchers found about 68 percent of respondents had some manner of gripe in mind about their neighbors. Some 49 percent would call those gripes an actual problem. Of all the pet peeves, noise problems – think loud parties with loud music – and aesthetic issues (your old Christmas tree and unmowed lawn) were the most frequent offenders.

The whole study is worth a look, especially if you want to know how Millennial opinions on social issues with neighbors differ from how they feel about, say, odors.

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