VANCE WORLEY: "I was in the weight room at Citizens Bank Park, finishing up my workout there. I saw my phone was blowing up. I was looking at it, like, 'Two-one-five (area code), that can't be too important. It's probably just a sales call or something.' Then, again, it rings. Two-one-five. I think, OK, maybe it's something urgent. Whoever it is is going to have to wait two minutes because I'm almost done this workout. I'm on the elliptical. I'm listening to my music. There's a voicemail this time. I check it. 'Hey Vance, this is Ruben, call me back.' I called him back.

He said, 'We traded you.'

I said, 'OK. . .'

(voice trails off)

I didn't say anything.

He said, 'To the Twins.'

He said, 'Do you have any questions.'

I said, 'No.'

I was just so numb, like, man, that's how it is. It's the business of the game. I get it. Then I was thinking, I have to get my (engagement) ring. This is going to change the whole feel of my day. What am I going to do? I just shipped everything out here from California. I have to ship that back. I have to ship my cars out of here because I want nothing to do with Philadelphia right now.

And then he says, 'Their GM is going to call you here in a little bit. I wish you the best of luck. It's a great opportunity for you. Big things are coming for you in the future. Maybe one day you'll be back here.'

And I'm thinking, 'Well, why did you trade me then.' But I didn't say it. I wasn't trying to confront anything. That's his job and I'm just a piece of meat getting passed around right now. It is what is, and hopefully one day I do make it back out."

The Phillies face the Twins on Wednesday. Worley isn't sure what his pitching schedule is. He says he'd love to face them in the Grapefruit League, "But I'd rather wait for the regular season."

Also, he says no hard feelings toward Amaro or anybody with the Phillies.

Much more on the Vanimal's crazy 2012 in the paper tomorrow.

By the way, she said yes (she's a Roxborough native. More on that tomorrow too).