Scott Boras met the media earlier today and talked about a host of topics, including two clients of interest to the Phillies: top prospect Domonic Brown, and former right fielder Jayson Werth.

When asked about Brown's early departure from winter ball in the Dominican Republic, Boras echoed what the Phillies have said.

"I think he was really tired, to be honest with you," Boras said. "He played a full season, and then he was in the big leagues in September. That's the longest baseball season he's ever had. He went over there and was really, I think, physically tired. We wanted to get him in a training regime so he has a chance to prepare for the season and get his strength back up."

Boras then addressed Brown's candidacy for the Opening Day roster in 2011.

"Domonic's situation is largely going to depend on Charlie evaluating him in spring training and taking a look at it," Boras said. "Usually, with those types of players, he's had enough performance in Triple-A to give you a strong indication of whether or not he's ready to advance. I think they'll take a look at that in spring training. Again, we don't know the final result of the team yet either to know what kind of considerations they're going to make as to the final roster."

As for Werth, Boras said he was not suprised that the Phillies offered a deal that, in his words, was "well below" what the marketplace called for.

"I'm never surprised," he said. "Philadelphia's an organization that's really well-run. They're really one of the Goliaths in the industry. They can do what they want to do, what they choose to do, economically because they're that successful. Whether or not, baseball-wise, they felt that was the right decision, you'd have to talk to Ruben about that. But certainly they have the ability to attract any player."