Paul Hagen reporting ...

After the Phillies got backup catcher Ronny Paulino from the Pirates FOR Jason Jaramillo at the winter meetings last week, the person most impacted seemed to be Chris Coste. After all, that has been Coste's job the last couple of years.

Immediately after the deal went down, the fan favorite asked for some time to collect his thoughts. Now that he's formulated his thoughts, he passed them along in an e-mail.

'There seems to be a lot of speculation taking place regarding the Paulino/Jaramillo trade, and many people are perceiving this to mean that I am on my way out the door," iut read. "I think this is a little overblown.

"Let me just say this – if I was GM of the Phillies I would have made the move in a heartbeat. In fact, even if Ruiz was an All-Star and I had hit .350 in 2008, I still would have made the move. You can never have too much catching, especially when it is such a volatile and injury-prone position. And they got Ronny Paulino, a former major league starting catcher for Jason Jaramillo, a guy they had apparently given up on. This trade was a no-brainer.

"If there is a competition then so be it. If someone gets traded then so be it. I have never expected to be handed anything in the world of baseball, and I expect 2009 to be no different."