Some late-breaking news here from the ballpark. . .

The Phillies have already spoken with the agent of Reds catcher David Ross and alerted him to their interest in him, but as of the start of tonight's game the club has learned that Ross is likely going to sign with an American League team, perhaps the Boston Red Sox. Pat Gillick told panelists on Daily News Live that a deal from Ross now appears unlikely. The Phillies had hoped to add him to either their roster or their minor league system to provide depth at catcher during September and, potentially the playoffs.


One other thing that  -- at least juding by emails in my inbox -- is likely of interest to a lot of you out there is that the Phillies aren't going to move Cole Hamels up a day so that he can face the Mets later next week. Manager Charlie Manuel said the team still had some things to talk about when it comes to their pitchers and hitters, but pitching coach Rich Dubee shot it down as a possibility. Their reasoning is that because Hamels is leading the NL in innings and he is at the point where he broke down last season, the Phillies want to give him as much rest as possible.