Geoff Jenkins has actually hit pretty well the past month. He went 2-for-4 last night, the third straight game in which he's recorded multiple hits. His batting average over the past month is up around .328. But the one thing that has been missing has been home runs. To date, he only has two in 124 at-bats. For his career, he averages one home run roughly ever 22 at-bats. This is the latest he has ever gone without hitting his third home run.

What gives?

Well, Jenkins isn't really panicking. Nor is Charlie Manuel. The home runs will come, both are convinced. He's hit some balls hard. Two doubles two nights ago, a ball that hit off the top of the wall in Cincinnati, a few others that have come up just short. The key, both say, is to not start swinging for the fences.


Great effort by Greg Dobbs last night. His back has been bothering him ever since batting practice on Monday, but he shook it off long enough to drop the game-winning hit into center field last night. It was his 10th pinch-hit and his 9th pinch-hit RBI of the season. Look at it this way: Dobbs has more pinch-hit RBI than Shane Victorino and Geoff Jenkins have regular RBI. Pretty impressive.


Regardless of the win, I think everyone realizes this team needs to hit. It's kind of ironic, because after all the talk of how much the Phillies would miss Aaron Rowand's leadership, it turns out that right now they are actually missing his bat. Keep in mind that last season, Rowand's presence enabled the Phils to occasionally bat Pat Burrell sixth, which brought some punch to the lower part of the order. The Phillies simply haven't had the consistency out of the lower half of the order that they need. Last night, however, the bottom of the order one them the game.