Barring an unexpected prognosis from hip specialist Bryan Kelly, Phillies righthander Brett Myers is headed toward hip surgery and a three-to-four month recovery. Should Myers undergo surgery to repair a torn labrum, he is optimistic that he could return to the field in time to participate in the playoffs should the Phillies advance that far.

Myers' injury is similar to the one that second baseman Chase Utley experienced, according to Myers' agent, Craig Landis. In fact, the Phillies are currently in the process of setting up an appointment with hip specialist Dr. Bryan Kelly, the New York-based doctor who performed Utley's procedure.

Utley underwent surgery in November and was back at full strength by mid-March.

"It's like Chase's," Landis said. "Brett said it's probably a little worse, but they are saying three to four months, probably four months but Brett is pretty tough, a pretty quick healer. It'll be toward the end if at all. If he had surgery, his new goal will be to get it right away and try to get back for Septemenber and certainly October."

The trip to see Kelly is more procedural than anything. The Phillies expect Myers to undergo surgery and are readying their contingency plans.

"It looks like surgery is probably necessary," Landis said.