According to a story in his hometown newspaper, authorities in Florida have dropped the cocaine possession charge against Phillies prospect Tyson Gillies.

Gillies faced the charge after hs arrest on Aug. 20 for an incident that occurred on June 11 in Clearwater, where he had been rehabbing a hamstring injury that plagued him throughout the season.

Kevin Hayslett, a high-profile Tampa attorney who represents Gillies, told the Kamloops (British Columbia) Daily News that the state attorney's office has decided not to proceed with the case.

A Phillies spokesman would not confirm the report that the charge has been dropped, saying the organization was not in a position to comment yet.

"I'm very glad that this ordeal is over," Gillies told the newspaper. "But I'm still very upset that it happened to me and that my character, which I've worked so hard to build, can even be questioned."

The incident in question occurred on June 11, when a police officer saw Gillies waving his shirt at traffic and offered to give him a ride back to his hotel. After Gillies exited the police car, the officer found a small bag of white powder on the floor of the car that was later determined to be cocaine.

Gillies told the Kamloops Daily News that he was drug tested five hours after the incident and that the test came back negative.