Jimmy Rollins has never been known as an early-arriver, but yesterday he arrived at Shea Stadium a little too late for Charlie Manuel's liking. After the MVP short stop arrived at the park about an hour before yesterday's game, Manuel met with him in his office and informed him that he would not be starting a game the Phillies would eventually lose 3-1.

Rollins, who was benched earlier in the season for failing to run out a fly ball, said he disagreed with the decision this time around.

"We're not going to agree on this one," Rollins said. "I agreed with him last time but we're not going to agree on this one. I think he understood that and I understood it. But he's the manager, and he has to set a precendent and for certain players you are expected and held up to higher rules, and that's fine, that's part of it."

Rollins said he kept his normal routine, leaving the hotel in his own car 10 minutes after the second team bus departed for Shea Stadium.

"It's the same thing I do all the time," Rollins said. "Usually leave about 10 minutes after the bus when I drive myself. But you can't change lights and stuff."

That said, Rollins said he would not brood on the decision or let him affect him the rest of the season. He grounded out while pinch-hitting in the ninth inning. His replacement, Eric Bruntlett, had three hits, including two doubles.