Ryan Howard had said on Friday night that he hoped to leave Sunday to resume baseball related activity in Clearwater.

General manager Ruben Amaro Jr. confirmed before tonight's game with the Chicago Cubs at Citizens Bank Park that Howard will indeed head out Sunday for that exact purpose.

Howard has been limited since Feb. 27, when he required a procedure to clean an infection from his original Achilles tendon surgery wound.

"I don't think it (the wound) is completely healed but I think it's healed enough so that at this stage they don't' feel it will be compromised," Amaro said.

Amaro said that on Monday Howard would begin taking part in baseball activities, but he won't hit right away.

"It will be ground balls and some other things," Amaro said. "He probably won't start hitting for at least a few days because he wants to get his legs under him and doesn't want to get in any bad habits."

Neither Amaro on Saturday or Howard on Friday would even venture a guess as to when he could return to the Phillies, but they see this as a positive step.