Before the Phillies 7-5 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates in Friday's exhibition game at Citizens Bank Park, manager Ryne Sandberg was talking about Ben Revere's potential for greater power.

Then on almost on cue, Revere hit a two-out, two run home run in the bottom of the ninth inning to provide the margin of victory.

The Phillies manager said he and the coaches saw the power frequently during batting practice and felt there was no reason it shouldn't translate into the game.

Revere, who has two career regular season home runs in 1,905 at-bats, has been working with Sandberg and the coaches to get more pop.

And Revere also looked at the tape from back when he was in the minor leagues. He wanted to go back to the older tape because that is when he was driving the ball more. For instance in his each of his first two minor league seasons, he had 10 triples

"This offseason I kind of was looking at old film of swings when I was driving the ball a lot better," Revere said after the game. "Sometimes even as a minor leaguer, I was getting a lot more doubles and triples."

He found the reason for his old power was simple.

"I was keeping my bat in the zone a lot longer," Revere said.

Sandberg says that the work that the 5-foot-9, 172-pound Revere has put in, is paying off.

"He has that ability and shows in batting practice every day the way he drives the ball and it was a great time for him," Sandberg said after the game.

Even though it was an exhibition game, hitting a walk-off home run should do wonders for Revere.

"A couple of balls I hit into the wind in Florida went to the warning track," Revere said. "So slowly I am coming along and this was definitely a confidence booster."