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The Phillies scored a season-high 20 runs last night in a 20-5 victory over the Rockies. The Phillies have scored 35 runs their last two games. That's a lot.

Jim Salisbury asked a question I'm sure on most people's minds last night as they watched the Phillies pound the Rockies at Citizens Bank Park:

"Where was this in October?"

The Phillies scored a season-high 20 runs in a 20-5 victory over the Rockies. They have scored 35 runs their past two games. They have scored 60 runs in their last six. It's the most the Phillies have scored in back-to-back games since they scored 35 on July 2-3, 1999, vs. the Chicago Cubs at Veterans Stadium. Check out those box scores here and here.

Here are the highest scoring totals in back-to-back games since that two-game bloodbath against the Cubs in 1999:

35 - May 25-26, 2008, at Astros vs. Rockies
33 - Aug. 24-25, 1999, vs. Padres
31 - June 28-29, 2004, vs. Expos
29 - June 15-16, 2001, vs. Orioles
24 - Aug. 14-15, 2006, vs. Mets
24 - June 9-11, 2004, at White Sox and Twins 
24 - Sept. 14-16, 2003, at Pirates and vs. Marlins
23 - July 13-14, 2007, vs. Cardinals
23 - Aug. 19-20, 2006, vs. Nationals
23 - July 19-30, 2006 vs. Marlins
23 - Sept. 16-17, 2005 at Marlins


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