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Rollins, Madson, Oswalt are Type A free agents

Shortstop Jimmy Rollins and pitchers Ryan Madson and Roy Oswalt have officially been assigned Type A free-agent status by the Elias Sports Bureau rankings, which means the Phillies will be eligible for draft compensation should any of those players sign elsewhere.

In order to receive compensation, the Phillies will have to offer each player salary arbitration by Nov. 23. That scenario is not guaranteed, especially in the case of Oswalt. It's unlikely the Phillies would want to risk Oswalt accepting arbitration and receiving a hefty one-year salary. It seems likely, on the other hand, that will offer salary arbitration to Madson and Rollins.

Under the current collective bargaining agreement, which expires Dec. 11, if a Type A free agent declines arbitration and signs elsewhere, the team losing the player is compensated with one pick from the team that signs him and a compensatory pick between the first and second rounds.

Reliever Brad Lidge and left fielder Raul Ibanez were classified as Type B free agents, but it's highly unlikely either will be offered salary arbitration, which means the Phillies will not be eligible for a compensatory pick for either player.

Minnesota's Michael Cuddyer, who we earlier suggested should be targeted by the Phillies in free agency, ( was also classified as a Type A free agent.

Interestingly, Aramis Ramirez, who opted out of his option with the Chicago Cubs, is a Type B free agent, which means the team that signs him will not have to forfeit a draft pick.

Here's the full list as posted on MLB Trade Rumors web site:

  1. C.C. Sabathia, Yankees

  2. Brandon Phillips, Reds

  3. Albert Pujols, Cardinals

  4. Prince Fielder, Brewers

  5. C.J. Wilson, Rangers

  6. David Ortiz, Red Sox

  7. Ryan Madson, Phillies

  8. Rafael Soriano, Yankees

  9. Heath Bell, Padres

  10. Carlos Beltran, Giants

  11. Jonathan Papelbon, Red Sox

  12. Ramon Hernandez, Reds

  13. Roy Oswalt, Phillies

  14. Michael Cuddyer, Twins

  15. Josh Willingham, Athletics

  16. Kyle Farnsworth, Ray

  17. Kelly Johnson, Blue Jays

  18. Matt Capps, Twins

  19. Darren Oliver, Rangers

  20. Jose Reyes, Mets

  21. Jimmy Rollins, Phillies

  22. Francisco Rodriguez, Brewers

  23. Octavio Dotel, Cardinals

  24. Takashi Saito, Brewers

  25. Francisco Cordero, Reds

  1. Aramis Ramirez, Cubs

  2. Mark Ellis, Rockies

  3. Rod Barajas, Dodgers

  4. Vladimir Guerrero, Orioles

  5. Alex Gonzalez, Braves

  6. Mark Buehrle, White Sox

  7. Jason Kubel, Twins

  8. Frank Francisco, Blue Jays

  9. Raul Ibanez, Phillies

  10. Ryan Doumit, Pirates

  11. Bruce Chen, Royals

  12. Hiroki Kuroda, Dodgers

  13. Chris Snyder, Pirates

  14. Brad Lidge, Phillies

  15. David DeJesus, Athletics

  16. Derrek Lee, Pirates

  17. Magglio Ordonez, Tigers

  18. Edwin Jackson, Cardinals

  19. Ryan Ludwick, Pirates

  20. Aaron Hill, Diamondbacks

  21. Yuniesky Betancourt, Brewers

  22. Kerry Wood, Cubs

  23. Freddy Garcia, Yankees

  24. Juan Pierre, White Sox

  25. Jon Rauch, Blue Jays

  26. Jason Frasor, White Sox

  27. Dan Wheeler, Red Sox

  28. Cody Ross, Giants

  29. Aaron Harang, Padres

  30. Wilson Betemit, Tigers

  31. Jose Molina, Blue Jays

  32. Carlos Pena, Cubs

  33. Pat Burrell, Giants

  34. Arthur Rhodes, Cardinals

  35. Shawn Camp, Blue Jays

  36. Jason Varitek, Red Sox

  37. Rafael Furcal, Cardinals

  38. Clint Barmes, Astros