The winter meetings begin tomorrow in Las Vegas.

I won't be there, but Jim Salisbury will be, so we'll be covered. He previewed the winter meetings in today's paper. About the Phillies he wrote:

"The World Series champion Phillies will continue to work on several areas, including adding a starting pitcher and finding an outfielder to pick up all or some of the at-bats that free agent Pat Burrell will leave behind. (Though the Phils have not officially closed the door on Burrell, his return is unlikely.) The Phils remain interested in free agent Raul Ibanez, but signing him would cost the team its first-round draft pick, not to mention a salary possibly in the neighborhood of $10 million to $12 million per season. Ibanez is receiving plenty of interest and the NL East rival New York Mets remain a strong possibility to land him, as well as free agent closer Francisco Rodriguez, who had a record 62 saves for the Angels in 2008.

"If the Phillies look for more of a platoon outfielder, they could turn to free agent Juan Rivera. Team officials have met with Rocco Baldelli, a longtime organization favorite. However, it is unlikely the Phils would sign Baldelli because of concerns about his health. On the pitching side, the Phils continue to try re-sign Jamie Moyer and have had discussions with Derek Lowe. Also this week, the Phils will look to bolster the NL's best bullpen, and it's possible the team could finalize a contract extension for manager Charlie Manuel."

I still think the Phillies can get a contract finalized with Moyer. Or not. It's taken so much longer than I thought that I'm not sure what to think anymore. Hopefully we'll find out more about that this week. Rivera certainly could be a fit in left field. Baldelli's health concerns the Phillies quite a bit. If he can't play in consecutive days that would seem to hamstring Manuel. I'm also curious to see what the Phillies come up with for their bulllpen. They would like to take their strength and make it even stronger next season.