John Bolaris was on the verge of tears on Wednesday’s “Dr. Phil,” while recounting the loss of his job at Fox 29 and his credibility following the media fallout over the 2010 Miami episode in which he was drugged and scammed by two women.
Bolaris appeared on the CBS show with fiancee Erica Smitheman who discussed his mental state and the heart attack scare he had around Christmas last year when the meteorologist was suspended by Fox 29.
He and Fox later reached an undisclosed deal in which he left the news station.
“I think you got an incredibly raw deal in the media and in your career,” Dr. Phil McGraw told Bolaris before wishing that he gets to work again soon in television.
Bolaris discussed how upset he was by a Philadelphia magazine online report that he had defecated in his pants while passed out after being drugged by the women, part of a Russian crime ring against which he recently testified in federal court in Miami. Bolaris later denied to us that he had soiled himself .
The couple also addressed when, two weeks ago, Smitheman drunkenly tweeted from Bolaris' account.
They also said they were disappointed when mistakenly ran an uncensored topless image of Smitheman from a Playboy special edition in the late 1990s. The picture accompanied our column and was later removed.

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